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Have you ever woken in the small hours groaning with embarrassment at the memory of something you did the night before? Or watched someone you thought you knew well turn into a stranger before your eyes?
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We each tend to think that we  are just one person - a single, continuous, and consistent self. But the truth is that we are each a group of personalities and we slip and slide from one to the other as we encounter different situations.

Once each personality recognises the others, they can start to recognise each others' strengths and weaknesses and between them decide which one should be in control at any time.

explains how personalities are made and kept separate in the human brain, how to discover it in yourself and how to recognise, identify and take control of your various personalities.

Published by Little Brown (March 2008 iin UK, April 2008 in US).

Reviews for Multiplicity:

"In this interpretation of the many selves within the human mind science and medical writer Rita Carter offers a unique definition of multiple personalities in a functioning person, without the usual discussion of phobias or other psychological disorders…. She adds intriguing diagrams of memory and recall patterns illustrating how people behave differently in different situations, and exercises which encourage the reader's personalities to interact and communicate positively with each other. Carter is pushing the envelope on personality, and her book should spark debate on the flexibility of the human mind."
- Publishers weekly

"Carter has a knack for making complex concepts accessible. If you've ever thought "I can't believe I just did that!" this book will fascinate and entertain"
-Source magazine

"Well researched, brilliantly written and totally fascinating - and it has already impacted on my own life"
- Mary Zacaroli Oxford Times

"A riveting account of the latest science of the mind..what emerges is a stunning new perspective on what makes us tick - that, rather than being static beings, our various personalities 'form, change, fade away, reform, merge, shrink and grow' "
- David Shuckman Daily Mail